Asset Management

Since 2004, Benchmark Wealth Management has focused on providing comprehensive wealth management services to individuals, families and businesses. Our team is committed to serving our clients as unique partners, requiring individual strategies and well thought out plans to empower them toward their desired outcomes. Above all else, we value the relationships and trust that we build.

Why Asset Management is Important

You work hard to accumulate assets over a lifetime. The hope is that, when the time comes for you to leverage those assets, they’ll be there for you to benefit from when needed. Asset Management is all about helping you manage your financial assets using a prudent and objective approach.

Individuals and families depend on the assets they accumulate over the years , being able to sustain them later in life – in retirement, or in the event of an unexpected need. However, not everyone has the time, skills, patience, tools or knowledge to monitor and manage those assets. In not managing your assets diligently throughout your accumulation or distribution phase, could expose them to unnecessary and avoidable risks which could have life altering results.

As part of our process, we make sure we understand your investment needs and utilize timely and appropriate wealth management strategies to pursue both short and long-term objectives. We have a fiduciary focus and provide professional, objective and independent advice, placing your needs and interests first.

What We Can Do for You

Our Asset Management service covers:

  • Time Horizon: Not everyone has the same objectives as they embark upon accumulating their wealth. To manage your assets prudently, we first seek to understand what your goals are for initially accumulating and subsequently using those assets.

  • Risk Tolerance Assessment: We will use specialized tools to identify and quantify your tolerance for risk and use that information to build your investment strategy.

  • Asset Allocation: Successful investing is contingent upon successful planning. We’ll implement both long-term (strategic) and short-term (tactical) asset allocation in line with your risk tolerance.

  • Research and Investment Selection: Working within your risk tolerance parameters, we will build a results-focused portfolio of investments that have been vetted and researched individually, as well as “stress testing” the portfolio as a whole, using unbiased, third party resources.

  • Rebalancing: Unless you have the time, patience, skills and tools to dedicate to portfolio management, it cannot be done effectively.  We know you have other things to do, such as living your life, so we’ll watch over the portfolio for you, making sure it never strays from the specified objective.

  • Gain / Loss Tax Harvesting: We will strive to be as tax efficient as possible. When prudent opportunities present themselves, we will use losses to help offset gains in order to reduce erosion from taxes.

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Review: Our services are based on consistent and open communication and collaboration with our clients. Through regularly scheduled meetings and conversations, we will continually review and revise your strategy to meet your changing circumstances.

  • RMD Guidance: We will provide ongoing guidance regarding your Required Minimum Distributions from retirement accounts. The answers to the questions “when”, “how”, and “how much” will likely change each year and we’ll be by your side to provide clarity every time.

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